Producers Ashwin Varde and Murad Khetani drop some hints on Mubarakan having a sequel after its hit.

Sep 13, 2017 - 11:29 hrs IST
Producers Ashwin Varde and Murad Khetani drop some hints on Mubarakan having a sequel after its hit.

After the success of the film Mubarakan fans are already expecting a sequel of the film after producers Ashwin Varde and Murad Khentani dropped a hint recently. Actor Arjun Kapoor said he would definitely to be on board if it happens.

When there has been a lull in the films of 2017, Mubarakan came as a fresh tag with the hit . The film starring Arjun Kapoor, Anil Kapoor Illeana D'Cruz and Athiya Shetty in the lead roles won hearts across the country and the film is still running the theatres while many big budget films failed around the same time. This speaks a lot about the evolving audience of today and it is a good learning experience for the filmmakers says the producer of the film. The film was expected to do good considering the storyline and the comic script but the filmmakers are delighted that the film is still running for weeks during these tough days for any film to run otherwise for so many weeks at a stretch.

The most difficult hurdle for the crew and the stars was to overcome the London's winter where the major part of the film was shot. Ashwin Varde has done many films with multi star cast so Mubarakan wasn't tough. The makers expressed that everything has to be transparent then there is no problem and no issues that have cropped up.

The sequel will happen only if there is a better script then the previous one to make it also a success and though the film Mubarakan started on a weak beginning , it gained its momentum after a lot of word of mouth . Filmmakers are so used to seeing the results of the first day first show or the first weekend of the film's release and nobody really thinks of the long run over the following weeks. Mubarakan went on to prove that a film can run for 4 to 5 weeks if it is really good and the obsession of watching the film over the first weekend is always not necessary and if the film is good audience will watch it anyway. The film which was made at a Rs. 54 crore hasnt really made profits as yet but nobody is at loss says Murad. He is happy he is currently working with Aneez Bazmee on another project and there is some exciting news coming our way.The trio team are up to something once again and we are sure its going to be more fun as expected.