Sahid Kapoor and Madhu Mantena are no longer on talking terms.

Apr 21, 2017 - 05:01 hrs IST
Sahid Kapoor and Madhu Mantena are no longer on talking terms.

Actor Shahid Kapoor may not be a part of the forthcoming film by producer Madhu Mantena who are no longer on talking terms.     The duo who were once very close to each other had their first public tiff when 'Shandaar' of 2015 produced by Madhu Mantena's company, " Phantom Films".

 The duo, that was once really close, had their first public tiff when Vikas Bahl's Shandaar (2015), produced by Madhu's company Phantom Films, failed due to financial losses.  But the misunderstanding between the two friends was short lived and they both made up soon after.  Both were also seen dancing at each other's wedding that took place a month apart from each others in 2015 . 

 Shahid had readily agreed to come on board for 'Udta Punjab' the film by Abhishek Chaubey's dark film because it was put together with Madhu  Matena 's company. Madhu Matena was happy with the accolades the actor had received for his performance as Tommy Singh  in Udta Punjab.

 However we hear now,  Madhu Matena is concentrating with his new sign up with Hrithik Roshan when asked if Shahid and he had drifted away, the actor had said, its a personal matter and he confirmed that he is not a part of the project but then there is no bad blood between the two .

 The wives who were best friends have also distanced themselves with each other and moved on but in Bollywood as they say, there is no love lost.  We often hear there are not permanent friendships and no permanent enemies , so chances are that Shahid Kapoor and Madhu Matena might make up again as they have done it in the past.