Released On - 20 May 2022     0hr 35min

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Mirza Sahib, a man in his late fifties, writer by calling and artist by heart, extraordinary fan of Mirza Ghalib and Sahir Ludhianavi, remain alone in his house "Parchaaiyaan" after passing of his spouse Noor, Mirza Sahib never hitched once more. To dodge his forlornness, he employments to provide his one room on lease to like-minded individuals. His to begin with paying visitor was Sahil, a die-hard fan of Sahir Ludhianavi and an craftsman by calling, an awfully adroit painter, six a long time back he moved to US and cleared out all his assets behind at Mirza Sahib house with a commitment that at whatever point he will come to India, he will remain within the same room. Sandhya, a Punjabi young lady in her late twenties came to Mumbai to gotten to be a author and begins remaining with Mirza Sahib as paying visitor and its been four a long time presently and they share a incredible repo, fair to see after her every day costs Sandhya begins doing a part time work in a call center, Sandhya is additionally a incredible admirer of Sahir and Amrita Pritam verse and their unconditional adore stories. Mirza Sahib call her Amrita. Concept Presently bend comes within the story is when Sahil comes to India for a week for one of his depictions shows and begin living in Parchaayiaan within the same room where Amrita moreover remaining. Great portion is that Amrita goes for his call center work within the night. Sahil goes for her show amid the day. So, one boy and one young lady sharing the same room. But Distinctive timings Boy within the night. Girl within the day. Boy is so organized. Young lady is all untidy. The as it were common figure is Sahir Ludhianavi. Will they ever meet? What happen to their cherish story? This can be the core of entire portrayal.