Eka Kaleche Mani

Released On - 30 Dec 2022     2hr 30min

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Eka Kaleche Mani
Indian Film History



Eka Kaleche Mani is a Marathi language web series starring Prashant Damle in the lead role along with Hruta Durgule, Vandana Gupte, Poornima Manohar, Hrishi Manohar, Hruturaj Shinde, Sameer Choughule and Vishakha Subhedar. Eka Kaleche Mani revolves around a typical middle-class Maharashtrian family; it focuses on the different choices of different generations in a humorous way. Directed by Atul Ketkar and written by Om Bhutkar Jio Studious and Mahesh Manjarekar will produce this series.