Shabash Feluda

Released On - 05 May 2023     3hr 37min
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Shabash Feluda
Indian Film History



At the beginning of the new year, Feluda and Topshe travel to Gangtok for their winter vacations. They meet a man by the name of Sasadhar Bose, who works for a chemical company that makes aromatic perfumes, while they are eating breakfast at the Bagdogra Airport. He explains that he had traveled to Sikkim to attend a nephew's wedding in Ghatshila. The trio learns of an accident on the North Sikkim Highway while making a pit stop at Teesta Bazaar. They discover that a gigantic rock had hit a taxi and the taxi had tumbled off a precipice. However, the driver had gotten away safe. Feluda and Topshe are remaining at Lodging Snow View while Sasadhar Bose is remaining at the dak cottage. At night, Sasadhar Bose comes to Feluda's lodging and illuminates him that the one who tumbled down the precipice in the mishap, was his accomplice Shivkumar Shelvankar, who was likewise the proprietor of the organization. Sasadhar Bose leaves the hotel to look for a next-day flight to Bombay.