Top 12 Ram Bhajans To Celebrate Grand Inauguration Of Ram Mandir In Ayodhya

Top 12 Ram Bhajans To Celebrate Grand Inauguration Of Ram Mandir In Ayodhya

The inauguration of the biggest temple of Lord Ram is taking place in Ayodhya on 22nd January. The grand inauguration will be attended by PM Narendra Modi and other notable public figures. In celebration of this auspicious day, we bring you soulful and spiritual Ram Bhajans. This Bhajan's will resonate with your devotion towards Lord Ram

1. Ram Aayenge

Ram Aayenge which is currently trending all over social media is sung by Vishal Mishra, and composed by Payal Dev. The song was released on YouTube two months back and currently has more than 17 million views. The song is winning hearts all over the nation. While sharing about the much-waited inauguration of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya on their respective social media handles, a few politicians like Smriti Irani, Devendra Fadnavis, Anurag Thakur and Sambit Patra shared 'Ram Aayenge' to express their happiness for the ceremony. The song was also used by the official social media handles of the BJP. 

2. Ram Naam Se Jagmag Hai

Sung by Sachet Tandon in his soulful voice 'Ram Naam Se Jagmag Hai' is composed by Shabbir Ahmed. This bhajan was released 9 days back and currently has more than 5 million views on YouTube. 

3. Narayan Mil Jayega

Trending on Instagram reels, Narayan Mil Jayega is sung by well-known singer Jubin Nautiyal and composed by Payal Dev. Released on 21st December the bhajan has been ruling hearts ever since. 

4. Mere Ghar Ram Aaye Hai

One of the most popular Ram Bhajan from the devotional music library of T-Series' with over 120 million views on Youtube, is yet another masterpiece by Jubin Nautiyal and composed by Payal Dev. This beautiful Bhajan was recently shared by PM Narendra Modi on his Twitter.

5. Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram

The classic Bhajan Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram is sung by Sachet Tandon and composed by Raaj Aashoo. This song was released 3 years back and was quite well-received among listeners. 

6. Ram Padhaare

The spiritual bhajan Ram Padhaare became popular among Lord Ram's followers after the Government of India used it on its Instagram stories and posts for its Ram Mandir inauguration campaign. Ram Padhaare is sung by Tulsi Kumar and Siddharth Mohan, and composed by Bawa Gulzar. 

7. Ram Tumhara Naam

This devotional track by Payal Dev song was released 2 years back. Ram Tumhara Naam is currently on 5 million views.

8. Avadh Main Laute hai Shri Ram

Yet another bhajan was used by the Government of India in their Ram Mandir inauguration campaign. Avadh Main Laute hai Shri Ram was sung by Sonu Nigam. It was composed by Shreyas Puranik and was released just a day ago gathering more than 3 million views.

9. Ram Siya Ram

Sung by Sachet Tandon and composed by Poonam Thakkar. Ram Siya Ram was released 2 years back. The song has more than 170 million views. 

10.  Jai Shree Ram

Sung composed by Hansraj Raghuwanshi and penned by Ravi Chopra the song was released on Youtube amidst the Ram Mandir inauguration. The song currently has 3. 6 crore views on YouTube.

11. Shri Ramji Padhare

On the auspicious arrival of Lord Ram in Ayodhya the song 'Shri Ramji Padhare' was released 11 days back on YouTube. The song is Sund and composed by Osman Mir. 

12. Jai Shree Ram

Featured in the 2023 released movie Adhipurush the song Jai Shree Ram was quite a hit. Although the movie was highly criticised audience showered love and praise on Jai Shree Ram. The song is sung and composed by the melodies duo Ajay-Atul. 

As the auspicious dream of every Indian comes closer these spiritual melodies resonate with the feelings of Lord Ram's devotees.


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