Achha Bura

Released On - 17 Sep 1983     2hr 25min


Title Singer Rating
1 Vallah Humse Puchho Usha Khanna, Mohammed Rafi 3 Lyrics 3 : 33

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Mohammed Sher Khan is a pathan Afghanistan who re-locates to India in search of employment. He befriends Veer Singh. Soon the two hatch a plan and steal a truck from a businessman. The latter however gets them both arrested and behind bars. Both are released early on for their good behavior. They then decide to start their life afresh and lease a truck. Their new neighbor in Chaurasiya Chawl is a catholic girl named Rosy and they bully her and make fun of her. Soon the three become good friends. One day they come to know that Rosy is unwell and go to help her. There they come to know that Rosy works as a nanny for a wealthy lady named Rita, who is in love with a man named Ravi. Ravi’s father asks for a hefty dowry which Rita is unable to pay. Khan and Singh now think of a plan to help Rita get married to Ravi anyhow, even if it means that they have to visit jail again. The film is directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee and produced by Deepak Parashar. The music is composed by Usha Khanna. The star cast includes Raj Babbar, Anita Raaj, Amjad Khan, Ranjeet, Dina Pathak, Sajjan, Anu Dhawan and Utpal