Hello Zindagi

Released On - 05 Mar 2010     2hr 5min
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Kavita, is a disturbed girl who is extremely rebellious and outraged at every normal thing happening around her. She wants to live her life the way she thinks is best and comfortable without anyone’s judgment. Thus, she smokes, drinks, snots drugs and parties at unearthly hours much to the chagrin of her dotting parents. As if her directionless and unproductive life was not enough cause for her parents to worry, Kavita runs away from home.


She finds a compassionate and helpful lady and travels with her to Goa and starts living with her in her house. One day she happens to meet a handsome man and is instantly attracted to him. What is more attractive about him is the cause he is supporting. Kavita has now found her calling. She helps the man save the endangered Olive Ridley turtles. They both work closely in conserving their habitat and eventually end up becoming good friends. Kavita feels she had wasted her life earlier, and is now willing to give it another chance.


The movie is directed by Raja Unnithan and produced by Amit Garg. The music is composed by Ashish Manchanda and the cinematography is by Ramshreyas Rao.