Released On - 03 Nov 2017     1hr 46min

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Karan and Sahana are in love and live a blissful life. Things seem perfect in their marriage and life until one mistake costs them everything they ever dreamt of. The couple after a night of intimacy, realize that Sahana has fallen pregnant. The couple had no plans of having a child anytime soon and all hell breaks loose. The couple reluctantly decide to keep the baby and try their best to do whatever they can. Soon Sahana gives birth to their baby and they realize they have a huge challenge in front of them. The movie is directed by Rakhee Sandilya and Swathi Mondal. The film is produced by Prakash Mondal. The film’s story is written by Rakhee Sandilya. The star cast includes Sumeet Vyas, Kalki Koechlin, Hitesh Malhan, Baby Kierra Soni, Purnanand Wandekar and Kalyani Mulay.


The film’s screenplay is written by Rajeev Upadhyay and Rakhee Sandilya. The music is composed by Sagar Desai and Mikey McCleary and the cinematography is by Vikram Amladi.