Jibraan Khan, star of the movie Ishq Vishq Rebound, plays the role of Sahir, who becomes more significant as the story unfolds. Despite not having much screen time at first, Khan's charm and presence leave viewers wanting more.

The main storyline of Ishq Vishk Rebound is pushed forward by Khan's involvement in the love triangle. There is a noticeable chemistry between him and other characters, especially Rohit. Sahir is a character that audiences and critics can empathize with, so he is appreciated by audiences and critics alike. He has grown as an actor due to his natural humor and likability.

Fans are excited about the works of Jibraan Khan. It's fun to watch him go from a child actor to a true talent. Her good looks, dancing skills and exciting performance made her famous. Many people believe that he can become a big star and look forward to his future films.