Dongri Ka Raja

Hindi Film     Romance,     11 Nov 2016

Dongri Ka Raja Movie Review | Ronit Roy, Gashmeer Mahajani


Star Cast:· Ronit Roy, Ashmit Patel, Gashmeer Mahajani, Reecha Sinha

Director: Hadi Ali Abrar
Producer: P.S. Chatwal
Cinematography: Pushpank Gawade

Rating: 2/5 – Average fare.

Like: Ronit Roy gives a decent performance as the dreaded overlord of Dongri. Ashmit Patel also plays his part well. Surprisingly for a gangster film, there is a slight feminist thinking in the film. A decent enough twist towards raises the film from reaching an absolute pit bottom.

Dislike: The story is highly predictable. The direction is drab and the screenplay cliched and jam-packed with filmy dialogues. The acting by the debutantes is quite uneven.

The Review:

Story: Raja is a trusted shooter in Dongri’s overlord Mansoor Ali’s gang. Despite being a tough guy, he melts when he sets his eyes on Shruti. His newfound obsession doesn’t go down well with Mansoor Ali. In order to live happily ever after, the lovers have to run away from the dreaded gangster and his henchmen.

Technical Aspects

    • Screenplay/Dialogues: Riddled with more holes than a dead body, the screenplay is a mess. It is also very predictable. A twist towards the end makes the film a bit more watchable. The characters keep spouting filmy dialogues even if they are uneducated gangsters.
    • Direction: The director doesn’t add anything to the film. He shoots the predictable screenplay in a cliched manner. As a result the film looks dated. Disappointingly, he even fails to fully exploit the potential of an actor like Ronit Roy.
    • Cinematography: The camerawork is quite ordinary.
    • Editing: The editing is rudimentary.
    • Music and Lyrics: Apart from the item song of Sunny Leone, the other songs are quite disappointing.
    • Star Performances: Ronit Roy is effective as the dreaded gangster Mansoor Ali. But again his performance is quite one-note. A veteran actor like Ronit Roy could have been better utilised. Ashmit Patel’s character is well-drawn and he lives up to the task; his performance is probably the most impressive in the film.

      Gashmeer Mahajani has a well-built body, but he would be better advised to work on his acting as well. The same can be said about Reecha Sinha.

Final Verdict:  A run of the mill gangster film with a dull romantic angle, Dongri Ka Raja is not worth your time or money.