Saat Uchakkey

Hindi Film     Comedy,     14 Oct 2016

Saat Uchakkey Movie Review | A poor man’s Delhi Belly



Manoj Bajpayee as Pappi

Vijay Raaz as Jaggi

Kay Kay Menon as Tej Pal

Annu Kapoor as Bichchi

Aditi Sharma as Sona

 Aparshakti Khurrana as Khappe

Jatin Sarna as Babbe

Vipul Vig as  Ajji

Nitin Bhasin as Haggu

Director: Sanjeev Sharma

Writers: Sandeep Saket, Sanjeev Sharma

Like: Authentic picturisation of Delhi

Dislike: Reckless misuse of resources testing the patience of the viewers

Rating: 1/5


The Review


‘Saat Uchakkey’ is about gang of crooks blundering their way to find a gold treasure hidden in Purani Haweli in Delhi. The 7 crooks manage to locate the monies but their principles come mid-way.

Technical Aspects:

What happens when one squanders precious wherewithal in senseless adventures? Is he/she ought to be tried in the international courts for human right violations? ‘Saat Uchakkey’ boasts an ensemble cast of talented actors like Manoj Bajpayee and Kay Kay Menon. And when Neeraj Pandey, the man with a golden touch, is producing the project, nothing less is defensible.

‘Saat Uchakkey’ caters to the lowest common denominator. Despite the heavy weights in the acting and production department, things go haywire; and that is the most disappointing aspect of the venture. In a bid trying to be wacky and innovative, ‘Saat Uchakkey’ ends up as a crash course in abusive rant. Manoj Bajpayee, Kay Kay Menon and Vijay Raaz, are notable names headlining the cast; unfortunately, they are depreciated to nothing more than a bunch of exasperatingly irritating men.

Editing: At 2 hours and 20 minutes, ‘Saat Uchakkey’ tries to encapsulate Molière comic monologues and Filipino film director Brillante Mendoza’s movies. The film was stuck in the web of Censor Board for a long time. Probably even the Certification authorities couldn’t handle the barrage of expletives and forced vituperation; and decided to keep it away from the audience. Sanjeev Sharma’s film, justifiably so, becomes a poor man’s ‘Delhi Belly’ with a soul of MTV Roadies.

Screenplay: The first half of the film is inserted just for a grand exhibition of vulgarity, to make the audience au fait with cuss words galore. When the characters of the film are named Pappi, Haggu, Phodoo, Bichy…you know where this is heading. May be we could have gotten into the head of the director-writer to understand the functioning because on paper everything seems picture perfect until the ideas are put into practice.

Direction: There is nothing alarming or out-of-the-ordinary about guys resorting to abuse at a drop of a hat. What was the writer thinking? It’s only in the second half that the director realizes he has a film to make; and that becomes transparent when the loose ends start breaking and the entire sham comes out into the open. What’s even more disheartening is the complete nonattendance of a concrete script which, in a way, could have salvaged the pride.

Performances: Vijay Raaz and Kay Kay Menon are tolerable and manage to stand strong with their comic timing. Anupam Kher plays an insignificant cameo while Anu Kapoor essays a bizarre role. ‘Saat Uchakkey’ is Manoj Bajpayee’s most dreadful performance till date. His misogynist personality becomes pestiferous after a while.

Verdict: Don’t you have better things to do in life? Stay away from this one!