Murders In Bollywood

Actress Laila Khan Was Killed As She Was Witness To Her Mother’s Murder! – Part 6

Seductive, smart and sizzling Laila Khan, Pakistani actress made her debut in Bollywood in 2008 opposite superstar Rajesh Khanna in the film Wafaa: A Deadly Love Story (2008). The film failed but Laila Khan continued getting roles. She had signed few films when suddenly media went rife about her missing and then subsequently her murder! The killers had killed her along with 5 family members who were at her farmhouse in Igatpuri, 126 km north of Mumbai!

The murder was brutal and bizarre as the accused had planned the murder well in advance and executed the murder flawlessly. After killing Laila Khan, and her mother and her children, the accused had buried all the 6 bodies in a pit behind the farmhouse where the family had gone to enjoy the weekend. However, every criminal leaves a trace. The police detected the Scorpio car which the accused had used to flee from the home in Igatpuri. During the investigation, Police arrested Pervez Tak, the third husband of Laila Khan‘s mother Saleena Khan.

Initially, Pervez Tak denied but after an intense grueling by Joint Commissioner of Police, Himanshu Roy, Tak confessed his crime and took the police to the place where he had buried the 6 bodies. In his statement, Tak admitted that he had fallen in love with Laila Khan‘s mother Saleena Khan. But she humiliated him and even had illicit relation with her second husband Asif Sheikh. The duo had come close and Asif Sheikh was planning to shift the family to Dubai.

 Feeling let down, Tak started planning the murder. He first, fired out the watchman Prakash Mengle from the farmhouse at Igatpuri. He appointed his trusted person Shakir Hussain Wani from Kishtwar in Jammu and Kashmir. Later on 7 February 2011, he took the entire family from Mumbai to the farmhouse at Igatpuri.

When they reached the farmhouse, Saleena saw a man digging a pit, on inquiry, Tak silent her saying the pit was being dug for an underground water tank. Later after dinner, Tak first killed Saleena by a blunt object on her head. She screamed and fell on the ground. Hearing her screams Laila Khan and her brother Imran rushed out. In a scuffle, Parvez killed Laila and her siblings with the help of watchman Shakir Hussain. After killing them, Tak also killed Laila‘s elder sister Hazmina, twin siblings Zara and another relative because they had witnessed the crime.


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