It Was Not A Cake-Walk For The Famous Trio Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand and Dilip Kumar to become stars! – Part – 1

Khudi ko kar buland itna, Ki har taqdeer se pehle,

Khuda bande se khud, Poochey bata teri, Raza kya hai???

Eminent poet Allama Iqbal, who wrote the patriotic song Sare Jahan Se Accha…. has written the above inspirational verse that means – A man should raise himself to such dizzy heights that before writing his destiny God would ask you; what is your wish?. In nutshell, the poet wishes to convey that one can write his destiny through passion, determination and the willpower to achieve his/ her dream.

History is packed with innumerable motivational tales where people born in a poor family and remote villages have risen to great heights like India’s Ex-President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, famous businessman Dhirubhai Ambani or cricket sensation M.S. Dhoni. Similarly, in Bollywood, many celebrities come from the nook and corners of India with a dream in their eyes to become stars and succeeded after a long struggle. This week Indian Film Industry (IFH) enlightens readers about the inspirational tale of rags to riches!

Whenever Indian Film Industry will talk of its Golden Era the names that will shine brightest are those of the trio –Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand, and Dilip Kumar –The First official Mega Stars of Bollywood! But winning the elusive stardom was not a cakewalk for these three top stars. All three shared their hardship and difficulties.

Raj Kapoor, though he was the son of the legendary actor Prithviraj Kapoor yet he had to struggle. Initially, he was the spot-boy at his father’s Prithvi Theater.  Then he became a clapper boy with popular filmmaker A.R. Kardhar and later after doing few flop movies as a hero he was kicked out from Bollywood labelled as a failure. However, Raj did not give –up. He started afresh as a filmmaker (producer-director and actor) and made his first home production Aag (1948) but the film was a huge flop and shattered Raj Kapoor. He was financially bankrupt and in a tight spot. After recovering from the loss, he made his next film Barsaat (1949)  with all newcomers at a shoestring budget. It is said ‘Fortunate favours the bold’ likewise destiny smiled on Raj and Barsaat became the biggest hit of Indian cinema and Raj Kapoor wrote his own destiny by sheer hard works and love for cinema.

Similarly ‘Evergreen ‘Star’ Dev Anand, after graduation in Lahore came to Mumbai to become a hero but ended up working as a clerk at military censor’s office at Churchgate. For survival, he did many odd jobs and slept on an empty stomach for many days. His determination to make it big paved path and finally his life leaped with the success of his first film Hum Ek Hai (1946). Later after setting his own home production ‘Navketan‘ and giving hit films like Guide, Hum Dono, Jewel Thief and Hare Rama Hare Krishna, etc he became immortal.

Bollywood’s acting monarch – Dilip Kumar was engaged in his family trade of fruit business. Once during his business trip to Nashik, he caught the attention of Bombay talkies owner – Devika Rani which changed the course of his life. However, tragedy struck when he failed as an actor on the first day! But Devika Rani trained him and rest is history! Winner of the highest civilian award, the Padma Vibhushan, and Dadasaheb Phalke Award for his contributions towards Indian cinema and whopping 10 Filmfare awards as Best actor, Dilip Kumar is an actor who has been an inspiration in acting for every generation of stars from Rajendra Kumar in 60’s to present superstar Shahrukh Khan!!

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