J Om Prakash The Filmmaker Who Made Several Stars Like Rajendra Kumar And Dharmendra Passed away!

Aadmi musafir hai aata hai jaata hai

Aate jaate raste me yade chhod jaata hai

This super hit song sung from the film Apnapan (1977) fittingly encapsulates the life of film veteran J Om Prakash, who left for heavily abode. Incidentally, Apnapan was produced and directed by J Om Prakash and as the song goes Aate jaate raste me yade chhod jaata hai….Truly J Om Prakash has left many Memories!

It is unfortunate that filmmaker J Om Prakash , who made several super hit films like Ayee Milan Ki Bela (1964), Aye Din Bahar Ke (1966), Aya Sawan Jhoom Ke (1969), Aap Ki Kasam (1974), Aasha (1980) on his tragic death is being remembered as the ‘Grandfather of Hrithik Roshan‘! The media must be shamed that the name of Hrithik Roshan that they are using to generate TRP and gain maximum Google search must know that it was filmmaker J Om Prakash who gave Hrithik Roshan‘s father, Rakesh Roshan, his career’s first hit film as a solo hero in Aankhon Aankhon Mein (1972). It may be noted earlier Rakesh Roshan was struggling to become an actor for past many years in Bollywood.

The success of Aankhon Aankhon Mein made Rakesh Roshan a star and he did many films but the industry discarded him as a poor actor. Thus he was forced to do B-grade films like Hotel, Aahuti, Dhongee, etc. Concerned at the downfall of Rakesh Roshan, who was married to J Om Prakash ‘s daughter, Om. Prakash suggested him to take up film production and to give boost Rakesh Roshan‘s film career as a successful producer, J Om Prakash even directed the film Bhagwaan Dada (1986). The film was hit and opened doors of stardom for Rakesh Roshan.

It is not just Rajesh Roshan, J Om Prakash played a lion share in making Rajendra Kumar a Superstar! Rajendra Kumar who started his career in Bollywood in 1949 as an extra struggled for over a decade to get success. The first super hit film that Rajendra Kumar gave as a solo hero was Aas Ka Panchhi (1961). The film was directed by, J Om Prakash. Interestingly the Jodi of Rajendra Kumar and, J Om Prakash became such a rage that the duo gave a series of hit films like Ayee Milan Ki Bela (1964). The success of these film earned Rajendra Kumar the prestigious title of ‘Jubilee Kumar‘ as all his films would celebrate Silver Jubilee (Consecutive run of 25 weeks in a single theatre).

Beside, Dharmendra, the handsome actor who was struggling to make a career in Bollywood was given a chance by J Om Prakash, who played a gamble on the young actor and cast him opposite superstar Rajendra Kumar in the film

Ayee Milan Ki Bela (1964). The film proved a hit and Om Prakash and Dharmendra did many films like Aye Din Bahar Ke (1966), Aya Sawan Jhoom Ke (1969), etc. Thus the film industry got a charming and dashing hero Dharmendra thanks to J Om Prakash.

J Om Prakash was also instrumental in giving a major impetus to Rajesh Khanna‘s career in the ’80s when he was passing through a rough stage. Few know that J Om Prakash started his film Production Company Filmyug with Aap Ki Kasam (1974) starring Rajesh Khanna when he was at his peak. The film was hit and the duo shared a good relation. In the ’80s after Rajesh Khanna was literately erased out from Bollywood, J Om Prakash gave a big hit film Aakhir Kyon? (1985), the film was a huge hit and revived Khanna‘s career!

Always remembered as a filmmaker for his obsession to make films with starting Letter ‘A’ filmmaker J Om Prakash did not give in despite few flops like Aashiq Hoon Baharon Ka (1977), Aasra Pyaar Da (1983) but he proved his magic with Aasha (1980), Arpan (1983) and Aakhir Kyon? (1985).

Paying tribute to J Om Prakash, superstar Amitabh Bachchan said, “J Om Prakash was not only a filmmaker of eminence but was a humble and kind human being.”

Paying tribute to Master Filmmaker J Om Prakash, Indian Film History (IFH) concludes with the lines of the same song from Apnapan that aptly goes ….

Dil bhool jaata hai jab kisi ko

Woh bhool kar bhi yaad aata hai

Truly, J Om Prakash, you shall be remembered eternally!!!

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