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Love Aaj Kal Movie Review: The Only Charm Is Sara Ali Khan

Love Aaj Kal has received overwhelming love and appreciation. Out of the love for Imtiaz Ali’s Love Aaj Kal released in 2009, the fans had expected much from Love Aaj Kal 2. Unfortunately, the film has only one factor that glues us up with it, and that is the only charm of the movie Sara Ali Khan (Though she can also be better). While the movie starts with a confusing note, the first half will make you want bid a good bye to your seat in the intermission. The second half moves forward with a good speed and catches your interest but with a highly predictable climax. The film seems to be a sum up of Tamasha, Love Aaj Kal and Jab We Met.

In total, there is nothing new in the movie except Sara and Aarushi Sharma. Aaj (today) and kal (yesterday, which could also well be a pioneer to tomorrow) are obviously two important markers in the narrative. What’s gone, what’s on, and what’s to come are interwoven into a freewheeling textile where the only certainty is the temporariness of joy and pleasure. The story shows temporarily in the center of the world. The two couples, one in 1990 in Udaipur and the other in 2020 in Delhi, try to hold onto the opportunities life give them but can’t take them rightly. The film tries to convey a message that the future is unpredictable but the past anyhow lingers on. Well, future would be unpredictable, but the climax of this film was highly predictable!

As delivered earlier, the story flits from one pair to the other to bring out facets of love that confound more than they comfort. It confuses the audience. Desire, vow and friendship are constantly challenged by the complexity of the human mind and heart and the interplay of the past and present as the two pairs of lovers fluctuate between moments of certitude and bouts of confusion.

Sara Ali Khan is backed to the story by the screenplay and she gives the role of the girl who goes back and forth between endearing and mystifying in the flash of an eye all she has. She keeps you glued to the drama.

While Aarushi Sharma has a role that is more sensitive than anything else, she is called upon to unite with the structure like lace work in a larger design.

Kartik Aaryan is irregular in a double role but impressively intense, evolving from too difficult to noticeably firm control. Love Aaj Kal, despite of all the mistakes or unwanted factors, it is worth a watch. We rate it generous 3.5 hearts out of 5. <3

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