Movie Review

Gul Makai Movie Review: Thrashes Upon The Expectations

The only thing we appreciated is Om Puri’s special appearance. The story confuses the audience. The story on serious issues makes you laugh in few scenes in the movie and is enough to state how boring the movie gets. This is surely a weak portrayal of a purposeful life. Amjad Khan’s Gul Makai doesn’t effort to surface out its young heroine. We…

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Centenary Of Indian Cinema

P.C. Barua Made India’s First Film ‘Roop Lekha’ Using Flashback Technique!

Ramesh Sippy‘s Sholay is regarded as one of the landmark films in Indian cinema. The film revolutionized technical brilliance in Indian cinema like reviving the 70 MM format, Stereophonic sounds, Technicolor and introducing Hollywood style cinematography. The other vital contribution of Sholay to film technology was giving an impetus to the style of ‘Flashback’ the brilliant technique of disrupting the…

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