Bollywood Actor Dr. Shreeram Lagoo Practiced As ENT Specialist In Tanzania – Part – 3

Dr. Shreeram Lagoo the great actor of Marathi Cinema and the famous Bollywood character actor ruled Bollywood in the ’80s and ’90s as the most sought after character actors. He came to fame after his superlative performance of an alcoholic Gangu Ganpat in Amitabh Bachchan film Laawaris (1981). He even won a Filmfare Best supporting actor award in the film…

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Bollywood’s International Success

Bollywood’s international success attributes to the fact that people outside our culture encircling of different languages have a desire to observe and understand our Indian culture through films which in some countries has gained its popularity. One of the reasons could be is that  many westerners think our Indian films are high drama. emotional with lot of costumes, song and…

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Bollywood dance is a form of dance used in Hindi feature films. It is a concoction of abundant styles including belly-dancing, Kathak, jazz, contemporary, Western popular, etc. It is hard to confine Bollywood dance because its actual definition, distribution, geography and style is fluid. However, it is still identifiable owing to its peculiar characteristics. The international appeal of Bollywood dancing…

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