Decline Of Producers And Rise Of Actors

The Secret Behind Akshay Kumar And Ajay Devgan’s Success As Producers – Part 6

Not Just Bollywood, down South and regional cinema the film industry is fast changing. Gone are the days when top salable stars charged a hefty fee. Nowadays, the latest trend is salable stars turning co-producers. Akshay Kumar, who established his Film Production Company Hari Om Productions in 2008, has a very impressive track record of several hit films. What is…

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Mad Race Biopics

Akshay Kumar Revolutionized Biopics By Exploring Socially Awakening Subjects – Part 5

With biopics minting money at box-office, filmmakers dared to explore new subjects that were inspirational, creating social awareness and really hat-ke.  Interestingly the actor who showed faith in such unique subjects was Akshay Kumar, who literally brought a revolution in biopics as his biopics told stories that were rousing and really heroic. Akshay Kumar started with Airlift (2016). The film…

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