Decline Of Producers And Rise Of Actors

The Era When Producers Ruled Cinema – Part 2

Film making may be a director’s craft and a film star’s glitz to pull in the audience into cinema halls but without a sensible ‘producer’ a film cannot be imagined. Hence producers dominated filmmaking in the past. The glorious Prabhat Films founded by actor/director V Shantaram laid the foundation of filmmaking in India in 1929. Prabhat Films made several thought-provoking…

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Mothers' of Bollywood

The New Age Mothers of Bollywood – Part 5

In the late ’80s Bollywood witnessed the emergence of some new and talented actresses who gave a new color and dimension to the mother’s role in Bollywood. The first actress in this category is Reema Lagoo who came from Marathi theatre and films. She made her debut in Bollywood in 1980 with parallel cinema. However, she failed to make her…

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