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Who Gave Big B His First Wings?

Amitabh Bachchan has achieved the “Megastar” importance, but in his struggle days he had to go through all the hard work of life. There were days when he had no home in Mumbai and had to go door to door in search of work in movies.

He used to spend nights on Marine drive when he was homeless in his early days in Mumbai. Today when he passes through the road he misses those days with lots of memories splashing through his mind. He first came to Mumbai with his father Mr. Harivenshray Bachchan who was participating in a Kavi Sammelan in Mumbai. Later, there was a party hosted by actor Chandrashekhar for all poets at his residence, Bhavdeep. During the entire party eve, Amitabh was sitting quietly in a corner. Chandrashekhar told Harivanshray Ji, “Mujhe pata nahin ki ise actor ban ne ka shauq hai ki nahi, par agar ye actor bana, to industry me iske jaisa dusra koi nahi hoga!” Amitabh just gave him a weak smile and ignored it thoroughly, but he was determined in his mind that he would settle in Mumbai and look for opportunities in industry. No matter what it took, he never quitted trying.

During those days, no one had a vanity van. Actors used to get ready at make-up rooms provided at the sets. These days, except the very famous YRF studio, all the stars use their vanity everywhere they go. Amitabh Bachchan had many flops at the beginning of his career. Till 1972, he gave many films but except Anand, he could it bag many names that pleased the audience much. After his record breaking film Zanjeer in 1973, he gave hits one after the other. And he got to go a step ahead and above all other actors in competition with Amar Akbar Anthony– his first movie with the original show man and the legendary film maker Manmohan Desai. And consequently, Manmohan Ji gave him many hits like Parvarish, Suhaag, Naseeb, Coolie, Desh Premee and many more. Manmohan Ji was so impressed and in love with Big B’s acting skills that he promised him to cast him in all of his movies. He gifted Amitabh Bachchan the first ever vanity van in the industry to facilitate him with extra time to relax and practice the scenes while getting ready. Theat was a royal treatment those days. Amit Ji used it as his regular travel car for many years until other stars started having their vanity vans and the concept was common amongst others. Thus, Amit Ji became the first star to have his own vanity van in Indian film industry because of Manmohan ji’s love!

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