Wedding Anniversary

Hindi Film     Social drama,     17 Feb 2017

This is a romantic drama film showing the celebrations for the first wedding anniversary of (Priyanshu Chatterjee) Nirbhay and Kahani (Mahie  Gill). Goa holds a lot of memories for them as they fell in love here and that is why they plan to to celebrate their first wedding anniversary there.

Kahani reaches the destination ahead of her husband as he has a meeting and would join her later but unfortunately Nirbhay is offered a better job in the meeting by some visiting companies and has to miss the flight to attend to the job interview. Kahani is very upset and does not want to listen to explanation for missing their first wedding anniversary that she had been looking forward to and had planned.
She switches off the phone and goes to bed although he has promised to join her for dinner. Later,  Kahani open the door expecting her husband but fails to recognise the stranger  on the door at first. He is  (Nana Patekar) Nagarjuna her favourite author of the book she is currently reading. She finds a friend in him to talk and who explains to her the true meaning of love. They  stroll around in Goa, noticing other couples cheating, some uninterested and some really passionately in love.
 This makes her realise that her anger for her husband was not justified. Nirbhay then arrives and they spend the remaining time of the first wedding anniversary recalling  their moments of togetherness.