Released On - 04 Sep 2009     2hr 33min

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Mohandas, played by Nakul Vaid has been brought up in an underprivileged environment, where his family and forefathers have been basket weavers. He is hard working and has been a topper in his studies. One day he cannot believe his luck, when he gets to know that he has secured a job at the Oriental Coal Mines. He waits for them to confirm his placement, but after many days pass and there is still no news he goes to their office to find that someone else with his name has already taken the job. A shocked Mohandas revolts but is beaten and thrown out. He protests and his cry for help reaches a news agency in Delhi, where star reporter Meghna, played by Sonali Kulkarni highlights the news to the public.


Mohandas’s case of stolen identity is broadcasted on national television and a top lawyer Harshvardhan, takes up the case. The case gets more murkier and more mysterious. Mohandas is now left with no choice but to prove to the world that he is the real Mohandas and to bring the false one to justice. The movie is directed by Mazhar Kamran and produced by Abha Sonakia. The story is written by Uday Prakash and the music is composed by Vivek Priyadarshan.