Filmi Jobs

Filmi Jobs

Indian Film History has created a section called IFH Source where anyone interested in the entertainment industry can use their services to find relevant job opportunities. By checking each individual's whole profile, the IFH source provides a one-stop solution for all producers and directors looking for talent. This is also classified by shortlisting talent in all cities across India, with the option of resourcing specialists such as actors, models, even spot boys, cinematographers, and so on.

Producer Client

Producer / Client :

Producers and production houses make an essential part of Indian film history. Any piece of entertainment would be incomplete without them. At IFH Source we have enlisted the profiles of all the producers and production houses from every corner of our country.


Talent :

India is home to several talented artists, especially when it comes to the entertainment industry. Every talent in the entertainment industry, such as the spot boy, director, writer, scriptwriter, music director, lyricist, actor, model, and so on deserves recognition and equal opportunities. The IFH app provides the same where anyone from the industry can register for free on our portal and be visible to the industry by opening the door for producers, directors, and casting agencies across India to hire their talents.....


Model / Actor :

India shelters innumerable talented models and actors. We have opened up an opportunity for all the actors and models., across the nation to come together and register on our app IFH for free. This will enable each talent to find their deserving call from directors and producers thereby getting noticed and getting the opportunity to accomplish all their goals....

Representative Agencies :

Entertainment industry cannot survive without the support of PR agencies or publicity agencies. Besides them for casting purpose every production house is essentially dependent on modeling agencies, model coordinators and casting agencies who, in real terms, provide the befitting characters and talent according to the need of the script and the director's vision.

Service Providers

Service Providers :

Indian Film History has created the provision of bringing all allied industry people in the entertainment sector who provide various types of services to the entertainment world, such as location properties, studio equipment, VFX Agencies, Editing Studios, Sound studios, Recording Studios, and Dubbing Studios, etc. Without these facilities, no film, serial, ad, or other entertainment-related production can be completed, hence it is crucial for all of them to network and provide their services, which might be fed in India or to overseas production houses. Thus, we welcome all the service providers to come and register for free on our portal through the IFH app.

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