Released On - 21 May 2020     2hr 5min



Ganesh is a poor potter who works hard to earn a decent livelihood for his wife and son. One day a businessman comes to Ganesh with a business proposal of starting an inn for travellers in the desert. Ganesh is excited about this idea and works hard to build a name for himself and proves productive. Many travellers come and go and are happy with the services. One day however, things take a drastic turn when a wealthy couple come to rest in the inn. The wife is sick and needs rest and are well served by Ganesh and his wife. The couple is grateful to them and offer to teach their son some business techniques. They however get so greedy hearing this and murder the wealthy couple and loot their riches. Years later their son arrives at the inn but they are unable to recognize him.


The film is directed and produced by Prakash Jha. The story is written by Vjaydan Deta. The star cast includes Basant Josalkar,Sudhir Kulkarni, Nandita Das and Surekha Sikri.