Released On - 26 Apr 2019     1hr 46min

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A young girl called Rajpatiya, belonging to a lower caste, in the village of North India, gets molested and groped by a boy called Chandar of the Brahmin caste. There is uproar in the community. But due to his political backing and influence, he is able to get bail and goes scot-free. This infuriates the girl’s brother and he is motivated to slice off Chandar’s nose as an ultimate revenge and utter insult for his vicious act. The incident get political mileage and it spreads like wildfire. The boy’s father however takes the blame for slicing Chandar’s nose. He however has ulterior motives for it, as he proclaims his name in all newspapers as being the one who initiated the idea. He thus offers tarpan(offering) to the older generations for all the humiliation and pain they have suffered from the upper class.


The movie is directed and produced by Neelam R Singh and the music is composed by Manoj Nayan. The lyrics are written by Rakesh Nirala. The star cast includes Nand Kishore Pant, Padmaja Roy, Sanjay Sonu, Rahul Chauhan, Abhishek Madrecha, Arun Shekhar, Poonam Ingale and Vandana Asthana.

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