Zee Theatre’s classic teleplay, ‘Dayashankar ki Diary’ perfectly encapsulates the pain of unrealized dreams and is written and directed by theatre veteran Nadira Babbar. This dramatized memoir will be screened on Airtel Theatre, Dish TV Rangmanch Active and D2H Rangmanch Active on April 7 at 2 pm and 6 pm and stars acclaimed film and theatre actor Ashish Vidyarthi. He plays a struggling actor from a small town who comes to Mumbai to pursue his Bollywood aspirations. His inability to live up to his own dreams takes a toll on him and he is overwhelmed with a sense of rejection and humiliation that he experiences in his day-to-day life. He then spins a cocoon of fantasies to shield himself from reality in which he himself ultimately gets entangled and loses control.

Shares Ashish, “This is a story about what happens when small-town aspirations collide with the reality of a metropolitan city. The story is not just about one individual but about a clash between simplicity and complexity, different sensibilities and cultures. It is also a study of Dayashankar’s mind that creates a surreal world to deal with an increasingly unbearable reality. I also drew from my own experiences of struggle while preparing for this role. When I transitioned from Delhi to Mumbai and left behind my comfort zone to step into a completely unfamiliar world, it was a terrifying experience. I felt alone and anxious and this period of adversity came in handy while playing Dayashankar.”

Though he forged a path for himself and is today a successful actor, the journey wasn’t easy. He says, “Nobody believes initially that you can make it. The negativity and doubts can shake your confidence but you have to believe in yourself. I have grown as an actor and a human being while playing this part for over 22 years. This play has taken me down many paths and journeys, both internal and external and we have evolved together, over the years.”

Today Ashish leads a multifaceted life and be it acting in theatre or films, he enjoys every experience to the fullest. He adds, “ I am also a motivational speaker, helm workshops, enjoy traveling, and also create vlogs. The point is that no matter what I do, I put my whole heart into it and ensure that it is done flawlessly.”

Teleplays, he feels, are an excellent medium to connect people to the theatre. He explains, “There has been a decline in the fan base of theatrical dramas. People are unaware of how enriching theatre can be or how much discipline it requires from actors. Many times after watching my plays, people approach me asking how do I memorize so many lines! Teleplays are a good way to invite people to a different kind of experience where they can get to see the theatrical form of a story. I think it’s a beautiful way for theatrical performers to reach the masses.” The filming director of ‘Dayashankar ki Diary’ is Suman Mukhopadhyay while the play is written and directed for the stage by Nadira Babbar.