Marathi filmmaker Rishi Deshpande is all set to present his upcoming film Samaira to his audiences. The recently released first look poster has already created a lot of curiosity among fans. It features lead actress Ketaki Narayan on a motorbike and the film tells of the journey of her character. 

Speaking about the film director Rishi stated, “The audience will soon get to know if her journey will achieve her goal. Currently, many new topics are being tackled in Marathi cinema. This story is also very different. This journey of 'Samaira' will surely give positivity to the audience.” He added, “Everyone is on a journey to live life. Similarly, an extraordinary journey is going to be for 'Samaira'.” 

Samaira also stars Ankur Rathee, Satish Pulekar, Rohit Kokate, Jui Pawar, Manasi Joshi, and Madhav Abhyankar. It will hit cinemas on 26th August 2022.