Main Ladega starring Akash Pratap Singh is a story that has its heart in the right place. Being an inspiring story of a son who sees his mother go through domestic violence, Akash grows up to be a boxer. But the reason that drives him to step into the ring, is what forms the crux of this inspiring story. However, apart from the film, Akash and the film's producer Akshay Bhagwanji also have an interesting life story. Recently, Akshay Bhagwanji opened up about their struggles and shared how it took 13 years for them to make a mark in the industry.

Akash Pratap Singh and Akshay Bhagwanji- 13 Years of Struggle in the Entertainment Industry:

Sharing their struggle story Akshay said, 'Akash and I have been together in Mumbai since day one, now it has been 13 years. In all this time, we have survived through such difficult conditions in terms of surviving in Mumbai.'

Akash and Akshay's Bond- Surviving Mumbai's Challenges Together:

He even shared that hailing from the lower middle class, their family's support was also limited. Akshay added, 'Even though I came here to be an actor, Akash and I became a family living together. He is like my younger brother. There were times we only survived with each other's support, we knew that if we came to Mumbai we would only return once we achieved something. We have given 13 years to this profession.'

Main Ladega's Real-life Reflection: Akash and Akshay's Battles:

Akshay even commented on Main Ladega's story. 'Even this film's story is such that it connects with you. In real life, we have fought a lot. I don’t think I am successful yet  but the goal I achieved is something people take years to do.'

Gratitude to Pinakin Bhakta: A Supportive Figure in Akash and Akshay's Journey:

He shared being positive helped them through the struggle. He said, 'Akash used to tell me if we have to do something in life, being positive would help. In all this one person who supported us throughout was Pinakin Bhakta, we are very thankful to him for the same.'

Produced by Akshay Bhagwanji & Pinakin Bhakta. The lead actor Akash Pratap Singh has also written the story. Main Ladega is directed by Gaurav Rana. Presented as well as produced by Kathaakar Films which was founded by Akshay Bhagwanji and Akash Pratap Singh, Main Ladega will be released in theaters on 26th April 2024.