One thing Ranveer Singh is known for other than his quirky fashion sense and spectacular acting skills is his out of box choices. The actor has created a stir on social media by partnering with the sexual health wellness brand Bold Care. Today the actor posted an ad to promote the brand on his social media account. The ad is something no one can ever imagine. It features Ranveer Singh solving the erectile dysfunctional issue of Johnny Sins.

Ranveer Singh Partners with Bold Care in Unexpected Ad Starring Johnny Sins:

In a hilarious typical daily soap family drama parody Ranveer Singh is seen playing the elder brother of American adult actor Jhonny Sins. This collaboration is something no one saw coming. The ad promotes the brand 'Bold Care' with a very unexpected and hilarious approach. 

Bold Care Ad: Ranveer Singh Helps Johnny Sins in Hilarious Erectile Dysfunction Parody:

The advertisement showcases a woman complaining about her husband's erectile dysfunction played by Jhonny Sins to Ranveer Singh. The dialogue and direction of the ad are way too dramatic and hilarious. The pill by 'Bold Care' is the main character in this ad. The ad shows Ranveer helping Jhonny Sins with his issue of satisfying his wife by giving him this pill from Bold Care. 

Ranveer Singh's Hilarious Ad with Johnny Sins for Bold Care Takes Social Media by Storm:

While posting the ad on his Instagram handle Ranveer Singh wrote a caption, 'It’s bold to care' Many celebrities are reacting to this hilarious ad. Ranveer's comment section is filled with funny reactions from his fans and co-workers.

The ad for Bold Care was written by Tanmay Bhat, Devaiah Bopanna, and their team, and directed by Ayappa KM. The ad also marks Johnny Sins’ first-ever advertisement for an Indian brand.