Zee TV is all set to present Main Hoon Aparajita featuring the ensemble cast of Shweta Tiwari and Manav Gohil. Set in Noida (Uttar Pradesh), the show focuses on the journey of Aparajita, a caring mother of 3 daughters, who prepares her for the roller coaster called Jeevan. Shweta Gulati. Joining this lead cast is another popular name in the television industry.


Shweta Gulati gained fame as Tia Ahuja in the teen drama Remix on Star One. Since then, the actress has been a part of several shows including Dil Mil Gaye. Now she will be seen in the role of Manav Gohil's second wife in the show. While Manav will be seen playing the role of Aparajita's ex-husband Akshay, Gulati will be seen as his second wife Mohini Singh. 

Her character of Mohini is portrayed as competitive, shrewd, territorial, narcissistic and a control freak by nature. She is the one who believes that everything that belongs to her should belong only to her. He is an orphan who never had any family ties and always wanted one of his own. Mohini intends to destroy Aparajita's reputation so that she can prove that she was always the right choice for Akshay.

Talking about her character Shweta Gulati said, "I'm delighted to be a part of a show Main Hoon Aparajita. There is so much joy in playing such roles. I have not played a part like this in my career so far. This character will require a lot of preparation - mentally and emotionally since it’s going to be my first one. However, my character will add high-voltage drama to the show because Mohini is Akshay's second wife in the show.”

Main Hoon Aparajita will premiere on September 27. The show will air on Zee TV from Monday to Saturday at 7:30 pm.