Bhojpuri cinema is coming of age with a wider range of storylines and plots. The upcoming film titled Tejaswini Yadav IPS will be one such film to look forward to with an action-drama genre. A the name suggests the title role will be played by actress Rupa Singh and actor Prince Singh Rajput will play the male lead in the film. The former will play a cop while the latter a common man and her love interest. The film will depict the struggles and challenges a middle class society faces on a day to day basis due to the widespread corruption in the system.


Tejaswini Yadav IPS is directed as well as produced by Murali Lalwani and its music is composed by Om Jha. The film is written by Sumit Suryavanshi and Ajit Mandal. The film also stars Jai Singh, Praveen Gautam and Aditya Shukla in supporting roles, and Shiv Singh Srinet in a crucial role. The film is all set to hit the big screens mid 2020.