Dada Kondke

Profession: Actor , Dialogue, Director, Lyricist, Music Director, Producer, Screenplay, Story Writer, Supporting Actor
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  • Also Know as :- Dada Kondke
  • Profession:- Actor , Dialogue, Director, Lyricist, Music Director, Producer, Screenplay, Story Writer, Supporting Actor
  • Gender :- male
  • Birthdate:- 08 Aug 1932
  • Status:- Married
  • Debut Year:- 1969
  • Active Years:- 14 Mar 1998

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Dada Kondke became immortal with his comedy film Pandu Hawaldar Dada Kondke became immortal with his comedy film Pandu Hawaldar (1975). This film also marked the success of Ashok Saraf, who played a key role in the film. The film was a satire on corruption in police force. The movie was such a hit that despite Sholay (released in 1975) doing brisk business could not stop Pandu Hawaldar from being a success. In fact a Hindi version of the film called Do Hawaldar was made with Asrani and Jagdeep playing the roles of Dada Kondke and Ashok Saraf respectively. Death He died on September 30, 1997 due to heart attack.

Born in a poor family and wrecked at young age! Dada Kondke was on in poor family that resided in a chawl in Mumbai’s Lalbaugh area. Dada Kondke began his career as packing staff at the newly established super market Apna Bazar and earned Rs 60 per month. Life was smooth but suddenly within a year almost all his family members died mysteriously and this wrecked Dada. Dejected Dada closed himself in a room and in depression quit his job. He disconnected himself from the outside world and kept cursing God as to why the Almighty had been unkind on him?

Dada Kondke’s personnel life was controversial Dada Kondke’s married life was controversial as he was supposed to have married a woman called Nalini and had a child Tejaswini but when Dada Kondke divorced, Nalini in her statement claimed they have never married according to traditional of society. She only had a contract to live in relationship till 1967. Interestingly Nalini had a daughter Tejaswini in 1969 which Nalini claimed was Dada’s offspring but Dada in his lifetime never accepted her as his daughter. After divorce Dada never married again.

Almighty gave him the answer and guided him his path While pondering why God has been rude to him, Dada got his answer. He realized that he was born for a purpose and decided to ignore all his gloominess and took a step to make others laugh. He thus joined a local band ‘Bandwale Dada’ – The marriage band that played typical marriage based songs like Raja ki aayegi baraat…….. during marriage ceremony in villages and small towns. After leaning music Dada tried his luck in drama. Dada’s debut drama made him a star Call it destiny or coincidence the first drama that Dada acted was called Icha Majhi Puri Kara (Fulfill my wish). As if the Almighty heard his voice and fulfilled his dream because the drama became super hit and run for unbelievable 1500 nights in Maharashtra and Goa thus making Dada a star overnight!!! Legendary playback singer Asha Bhosle guided Dada to Marathi cinema Among the thousands who became fan of Dada Kondke after his popular drama, Icha Majhi Puri Kara was legendry playback singer Asha Bhosle . When the show was performed in Mumbai, Asha Bhosle made it a point to watch the drama and would regale at Dada’s hilarious comedy. Once after the show she met Dada and advised him to meet the great Marathi film legend Bhalji Pendharkar. On her advice Dada met Bhalji Pendharkar and he introduced Dada Kondke in his movie "Tambdi Maati". Dada Kondke launched his own production house Though Dada Kondke made his debut in Tambdi Maati but the film failed. Hence he decided to start his own film production and made his first Marathi film Songadya (1971). The film was written by Vasant Sabnis the same writer who had written the hit drama Icha Majhi Puri Kara. The movie was a huge hit. It did excellent business all over Maharashtra. In Mumbai too the film did great business in its first week at Dadar’s Kohinoor Cinema. But in Mumbai those days there was craze for Hindi films. Hence after one week the cinema house remove Dada’s film Songadya and instead started playing the Hindi blockbuster Johnny Mera Naam. Dada was quite annoyed and approached Bal Thacker, Shiv Sena Chief, who then interviewed and got Songadya run again at Kohinoor Cinema! Readers would be surprised to know that the film did silver jubilee (25 week consecutive run) at Kohinoor cinema. Dada Kondke and Bal Thackeray became good friends. Dada Kondke’s rise from chawl to Penthouse in Mumbai! The highlight of Dada Kondke movies were the double meaning dialogues which were hailed by the frontbenchers with whistles and claps. Hence though the censor raised hue and cry but Dada cleverly escaped pointing that his intention is clean but it is the filthy mind of censor that create issue. Since Dada made movie for a particular class (usually the labor class) he did not had to spend much on locations and costume. His movies were made on shoe string budget and would do extraordinary business. In fact Dada is the only filmmaker who has the distinction of producing 9 silver jubilee hit films in a row. The Guinness Book of World Records too, acknowledge the fact. With all his movies doing jubilee, Dada, who once lived in a chawl, soon bought a penthouse in Mumbai’s premium Dadar area, overlooking the lush green historic Shivaji Park! Dada Kondke’s entry into Bollywood Dada Kondke made his foray into Bollywood with the remake of his hit Marathi film Ram Ram Gangaram. To attract audience he cleverly used top comedians of Bollyood like Shakti Kapoor and Amjad Khan. The movie was called ‘Tere Mere Beech Mein (1984). The movie was an average hit at B and C grade centers. Undeterred Dada made few more movies like Aage Ki Soch, Andheri Raat Mein Diya Tere Haath Mein but could not create the Magic that he did in Marathi cinema. Bollywood top diva Rekha even featured in a lavni number 'Kuthe Jayacha Honeymoon La' which was part of Dada Kondke's film 'Bhingari'. Veteran singer Asha Bhosale had lent her voice for this song.

# Released Date Type Credited As Movie
1 01 Jan 1996 Film Actor Director Vajau Ka
2 01 Jan 1994 Film Actor ProducerDirectorLyricistStory WriterScreenplayDialogue Sasarche Dhotar
3 01 Jan 1992 Film Actor ProducerDirectorLyricist Yevu Kaa Gharaat
4 01 Jan 1990 Film Actor DirectorStory WriterLyricist Palva Palvi
5 01 Jan 1989 Film Actor ProducerDirectorStory writerScreenplay Khol De Meri Zuban
6 01 Aug 1988 Film Actor ProducerDirector Mala Ghevun Chala
7 01 Jan 1988 Film Actor ProducerDirector Aage Ki Soch
8 01 Jan 1987 Film Actor ProducerDirectorScreenplayDialogueLyricist Muka Ghya Muka
9 16 May 1986 Film Actor ProducerDirectorStory writerScreenplayDialogue Andheri Raat Mein Diya Tere Haat Me
10 01 Jan 1984 Film Actor ProducerDirectorLyricist Tere Mere Beech Mein