A Strange Love Story

Released On - 01 Jan 2011     1hr 55min

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Kabeer, is an aspiring photographer who wants to prove his mettle by taking unique pictures and showing the world his dream and vision. He takes a lot of risks and struggles to make ends meet. One day he along with his girlfriend Jennifer, go to a local Dargah without anyone finding out. There Kabeer takes some breathtaking pictures and explores the place well.


He and Jennifer leave promptly after taking pictures but something hasn’t left their side. There is an entity that has caught on to them both and will follow them wherever they go. They start seeing strange things around them all of a sudden like mysterious murders taking place and all the evidence somehow only points out to Kabeer and Jennifer, but they have no clue how that is happening. The police intervene to solve this bizarre mystery.


Kabeer is also disturbed that his ladylove is being dragged into all this without any fault of hers. What is discovered will leave everyone shocked. The movie is directed by Tarique Khan and Sahil Seth. The producers are Suresh Bhagat and Shohreh Seth. The star cast includes Eddie Seth, Ashutosh Rana, Yashpal Sharma, Riya Sen, Milind Gunaji, Raj Zutshi, Ehsaan Khan, Snehal Dhabi and Gunjan Bakshi.