Aag Aur Tezaab

Released On - 23 Jan 1998     2hr 9min

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A naïve girl in the city is brutally raped by four ruthless men. They then kill her mother when she tries to stop them. The horrified girl goes all over the city on a rampage to look for the four men who ruined her life. Meanwhile one day her world comes crashing down even further when she is tested HIV positive. The devastated girl has no hope now but wants revenge from the four rapists. A police inspector who is helping her with her case falls in love with her, but she is unable to reciprocate because of her disease. She refuses to marry him when he proposes. One day she finds her rapists and she starts killing them one by one by giving them her disease.


The movie is directed by Isarar Mehmood and produced by Israr Ahmed. The star cast includes Raj Premi, Priyanaka Trivedi, Tiku Talsania, Kiran Kumar, Raza Murad, Ishrat Ali, Pankaj Berry, Vikas Anand, Paramveer, Satish Kaul and Binduya Gill. The music is composed by Mahesh Kishore and the lyrics are written by Kulwant Jani.