Released On - 03 May 1988     2hr 21min

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Dhritiman and Mamata has everything . Riches, family, distinction but they don't have the endowments of parent dispatch. He has an senior brother who weds Manasi. But one day Manasi died and at the ultimate minute she skilled her child Raja to Mamata. But the brother of Dhritiman smells a scheme and finds a racket of wrong drugs. He realizes that due to wrong drugs he needs to misfortune his everything. But those same guilty parties at that point slaughter him. On the other hand, Mamata presents Raja with her friend’s girl Sikha. After a few a long time when Raja gotten to be a youthful individual needs to know the truth about his perents passing. But dhritiman tells him to remain absent from the total thing. But Raja remains firm on his target. At that point one day he discover a title Sadanada Dutta who is one of the boss of the industry. Raja propels towords his target and gradually finds the names of the total gather and one day he finds the real truth. The most guilty party is Dhritiman. He meets with Dhritiman but dhritiman slaughters himself.