Amma Deevena

Released On - 30 Jul 2021     2hr 9min

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Amma Deevena
Indian Film History



The central character of the narrative, Lakshmamma, is portrayed as a resident of a rural setting. The subject of inquiry is wedded to a spouse who exhibits a proclivity towards unaccountable behavior, characterized by frequent inebriation and a lifestyle governed solely by personal desire. The conjugal pair has progenerated a total of five offspring. Lakshmamma's spouse refrains from providing assistance in the upbringing of their offspring. The aforementioned individual, a woman who is unmarried, assumes the task of managing the household along with generating income. The individual in question is gainfully employed as a daily-paid laborer at a quarry, and fulfills the role of a worker at a flour mill, thereby providing indispensable financial assistance to her family. The family experiences significant financial distress due to the failure of the head of the household to provide for them. Despite financial constraints, she effectively unifies the family through her substantial income.