Released On - 05 Jun 2009     2hr 15min

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A group of friends that include Anubhav, played by Sanjay Suri, Aadi, played by Anoop Menon and Antara, played by Shruti Seth are all theatre artists and very dedicated to their work. However, they all nuture dreams of making it big into Bollywood someday. They try their best to get a break but so far none of them have had any luck. They all know that this dream is going to mean more struggle and isn’t going to come easy.


Anubhav meanwhile happens to meet a breatuful young girl called Meera, played by Gul Panag. She is a huge fan and cannot control herself from revealing it to him. He shyly acknowledges but Meera is persistent. They becomes good friends and eventually fall in love. Meera’s wealthy parents aren’t exactly happy about their only daughter marrying a struggling actor but they agree for her happiness.


Aadi surprisingly gets a producer one day for his film and asks Anubhav to be the lead actor. While the shooting is midway, the producer passes away due to ailing health. The group in once again in a huge lurch. To make matters worse, Meera has pregnancy complications. Anubhav’s trouble keep multiplying one after another. The movie is directed by Rajiv Nath and produced by MMR Entertainment.