Apon Gharey

Released On - 01 Jan 1987     2hr 12min

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Baluchari’ is the story of a sister’s give up for her kin. Mandira is cleared out with the duties of her kin Indu, Chanda and Nanda after the downfall of her father. Abhi proposes to wed Manda and share her duties but Manda doesn’t need to burden him and says he should hold up in the event that he needs to wed her. Manda begins a kindergarten school and raises her kin. Nanda graduates with an building degree. But he clears out his sister when he gets a work offer on the condition that he has got to wed the owner’s girl Sheila. Manda is smashed but she organizes the wedding of her sisters. Sheila suspects that Manda sold their genealogical house to induce the sisters hitched. But, Nanda doesn’t accept it. Nanda takes Sheila to Manda and she realizes her botch. Abhi comes back to require Manda with him and begin a unused life.