Baaghi Aurat

Released On - 06 Dec 2002     2hr 0min



The story of this movie revolves around middle-class and lower middle class parents who want to give all that to their kids that they never got growing up. Especially parents with daughters want to get their daughters married into illustrious and rich families so they can live a comfortable life. However such dreams of parents are crushed into bits when some corrupt people intervene and take advantage of their helplessness. The film shows the different layers of the society where corrupt people manipulate their way anywhere they wish to, making the life of the less fortunate miserable in the bargain.


The movie is directed by Kamal Sahni and produced by J C D Production. The star cast includes Arjun, Mohan Joshi, Harish Patel, Rajni Chandra, Jhony Nirmal, Arjun, Krishna and Shiva Rindani.