Released On - 01 Jan 1963     1hr 34min

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Asesh was a restorative proficient has a place to a really affluent refined family. He organized his friend’s marriage with his cousin sister. Inadvertently he met with Barnali and her family individuals. Barnali was an awfully straightforward, taught center course urban lady. She was solid character who accepted in strong moral values. Her father was a rumored educator and a really respectful man of his word. Asesh preferred them but was stunned to know that his friend really sold out her. So he took an evening to meet Barnali and attempted to create her active whereas the marriage celebration was on but all his endeavors went in vein. Barnali figure it out the total thing but she moreover caught on that Asesh had a delicate corner fro her. At that point at final they met and the couple chosen to urge hitched.