Released On - 17 Jan 2020     2hr 5min

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Lieutenant Vikram Singh has always been a brave and valiant soldier who is ready to give his life for his country when the time comes. He becomes the lone survivor in his bunker near the LOC when a mortar shell is thrown at their base. His despair and trauma gets the better of him as he misses his wife and daughter, and longs to see them, who he hasn’t meet in more than eight months. He is now desperate for help and wonders if and when someone will come to rescue him in this condition.


The film is directed by Jugal Raja and produced by Gaurav Gupta. The screenplay and story is also written by Jugal Raja. The music is composed by Ahmond Band and Kaushal Mahavir. The cinematography is by S.R Sathish Kumar. The star cast includes Abhijeet Singh, Arnav Timsina, Arindita Kalita, Devavrata Ronsa and Yashavi Varia.

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Times Of India 2 5 Pallabi Dey Purkayastha Click Here