Dosti Ke Side Effectss

Released On - 08 Feb 2019     2hr 12min

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Dosti Ke Side Effectss
Indian Film History


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Four close friends Shrishti, Avni, Ranveer and Gaurav have been inseparable during their childhood days even though thy belong to different classes. Their friendship overlooks all this. Certain circumstances in each friend’s life however, leads to them getting separated. They all go their different paths that life leads them on. However when all four end up joining the same college, things once again seem blissful for them and they reminisce their childhood days. However due to ambition and ego taking over, their friendship once again falls apart.


The film is directed by Hadi Ali Abrar and produced by Joyal Daniel. The film’s story is written by Reena Daniel and the screenplay is written by Pankaj Uniyal. The star cast of the film includes Vikrant Anand, Sapna Choudhary, Zuber K Khan, Neel Motwani, Himmayat Ali, Sai Ballal, Anju Jadhav andVaishnavi Mahant.

Avni S

Avni S


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