Dushmano Ka Dushman

Released On - 01 Jan 1984    



Sita lives a comfortable lifestyle and adores her nephew Raju. After her sister suddenly passes away, Sita takes the responsibility of Raju. She then decides to get a job in a town called Vijaypur and relocates there. She gets the job of a tutor-governess. On the way there however, she is molested by a man who is then suddenly shot dead by an armed man. The man then gets off and disappears at the next stop, leaving a shaken and disturbed Sita. Once she reaches her new employer Manohar’s place she realizes he is the one who killed the molestor.


Manohar warns her that if she testifies against him, his men will kill Raju. The cops now question Sita but she says that she is unable to point out the killer, which points the fingers at Sita. The film is directed by Raj Bharath and produced by Mukesh Udeshi and Surendra Bha. The music is composed by Sapan Jagmohan. The star cast includes Chiranjeev, Radhika, Sarat Babu, Satyen Kappu and Silk Smitha.