Eent Ka Jawab Patthar

Released On - 09 Jun 1982     2hr 40min

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The princely state of Nar Singhgarh is ruled by the king and queen. There a young and handsome marine Madho Singh falls in love with the beautiful Laxmi. She is the sister of Dewan Ram Singh who wants to separate the lovers. He thus frames Madho in a false murder case and gets him convicted for the crime. Madho is then given life sentence. He soon escapes jail and travels to London to meet Maharani Shyama Devi. In the course of time she starts to take Madho has her own son. The film is directed and produced by Pachhi. The music is composed by Shanker Jaikishen. The star cast includes Adil Aman, Premnath, Om Parkesh,Ajit, Amjad Khan, Neeta Mehta, Om Parkesh, Ajit and Amjad Khan.