Released On - 04 May 1988     2hr 20min

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Ajay is the son of a wealthy man and lives a lavish lifestyle. He has a lot of vices like drinking and going to prostitutes. One day when he is spending his time and money on a prostitute, he is seen by a family member. Not wanting his family to know of his bad habits, he lies to them saying that she is actually his wife. One lie catapults into saying another and another, and in this way it snowballs into something much more complicated. Ajay’s life is now in a total mess and chaos, unless he decides to tell his family the truth. The film is directed by Kartik Mehta and produced by Ravindra Kumar. The music is composed by Usha Khanna and the lyrics are written by Gulshan Bawra. The star cast includes Shekhar Suman, Sarika, Sonika Gill, Dilshad, Krishna Kant, Jankidas and Arvind Joshi.