Released On - 05 Dec 2008     2hr 18min

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1 Maharathi (Title) Shibani Kashyap 3 Lyrics 1 : 12

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Jai Singh, played by Om Puri almost gets killed in an accident due to DUI and is saved just in time by Subhash, played by Paresh Rawal. Subhash then drop him home in a cab and Jai invites him over to meet his wife Malika, played by Neha Dhupia and lawyer, played by AD Merchant. Subhash can tell that Malika is up to something. Ad Singh takes a dislike for him too. Subhash gets a hint of the toxic relationship between Malika and Jai where he has a feeling that she wants him dead.


The whole plan of getting Jai out of the way becomes apparent when Subhash gets close to the family. Malika wants to inherit Rs 24 Crores of insurance money after Jai’s death and hence tries every opportunity to kill him. She even throws his asthma inhaler out of the window but Subhash gets it in time. Later Jai makes a shocking revelation that the terms of the insurance have been changed by him where the insurance money will only be claimed if Jai is murdered not if he commits suicide. Saying this he shoots himself. Subhash convinces Malika that they both can hatch a plan to make the suicide look like a murder. Eventually Malika gets killed in an accident and Subhash proving Jai’s death was murder, enjoys his money.


The movie is directed by Shivam Nair and produced by Dhillin Mehta. The music is composed by Shibani Kashyap.