Miss Anara

Released On - 22 Jun 2007     1hr 55min

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Anara Gupta is a simple girl studying in college. She has no big aspirations in life but only to marry her sweetheart and settle down with him. Her mother however, has big dreams for her and insists she shoot a music video. Her boyfriend thinks she is perfect for a beauty contest and has high hopes of her winning. Anara on the other hand, like an obedient daughter and girlfriend, tries out both. Things start looking up for the family when she gets positive responses in the glamorous industry. However things come crashing down when Anara gets arrested.


Anara’s world comes crumbling down when a cop tries to take advantage of her and she resists. Insulted by her refusal the cops arrests her and beats and tortures her in prison. The brutality of the cops doesn’t end there, they hatch a plan to tarnish Anara’s image and name. They find a look-a-like of the model at a Mumbai dance bar and shoot an objectionable video of her while she’s getting intimate with her boyfriend. A CD is made of the video and circulated. People think the girl in the video is Anara and it becomes a national news that she is involved in shooting porn videos. It is now up to her and her family to get the truth out in the open.


The movie is directed by Yogesh Bharadwaj and produced by K K Yadav and Yogesh Bharadwaj. The music is composed by Dilip Tahir and Mani Shankar. The star cast includes Gajendra Chauhan, Yashpal Sharma, Mukesh Tiwari, Smita Jaykar, Anara Gupta, Vishwajeet Pradhan, Avtar Gill, Bharat Kapoor, Narendra Bedi and Pratima Kazmi.