Nani Maa

Released On - 23 Jan 1981     2hr 5min



A king is desperately looking for a map holding the location of precious treasure. He one day finds it behind his own grandmother’s photo frame. Realizing that some unworthy people might also be seeking the treasure map, he tears the map into two keeping one half and giving the other half to her for safekeeping. The nani hides the map in her gramophone box, not realizing that a dreaded dacoit has seen her keeping it. He kidnaps her. The king looks for her but with no success. Meanwhile his crooked cousins hire a magician to find out the location of the map. The film is directed by Parvati Menon and the music is composed by Yogesh. The star cast includes Agha, Leela Mishra, T P Jain, R S chopra and Abid.