Released On - 01 Jan 2002     1hr 58min



Raj, played by Amit Mistry is living a happy-go-lucky life in Mumbai. He travels to Chicago, USA to attend his cousin Asha’s wedding in a grand lavish ceremony. His cousin however is a little tensed. She confides to Raj that her wish during bidaai is to see her separated father and uncle to reunite. Raj then promises she will see her dad and uncle talk and joke just like before and get together as a family. Raj then enlists the help of Asha’s friend Ria, played by Perizad Zorabian to help him in executing his plan.


While their plan gets to work the different aspects of the family come to the fore. The family members go through an emotional journey as they realize what they have been doing all the while has hurt the others. Meanwhile Raj and Ria get closer in the process and end up falling in love. The movie is directed by Viral Lakhia and produced by Shyamal Lakhia. The music is composed by Sanjeev S. The star cast includes Asha Patel and Kul Anand.